Međunarodni dan planete Zemlje

Povodom Međunarodnog dana planete Zemlje učenici sedmog razreda Milica Vitorović i Darjan Đorđević su  istakli značaj pojedinca za očuvanje naše planete.   U saradnji sa predmetnim nastavnikom, profesoricom engleskog jezika i književnosti, Biljanom Mandić sve su nas  podsjetili na značaj naših djela za mjesto na kojem imamo privilegiju da živimo.

Milica Vitorović

Good deeds our planet needs

We, people pollute the Earth. We pollute the soil, water and air. We must stop this, and fight against it and global warming.The planet will get hotter so there wil be more droughts, storms and hurricaness. The ice caps at the poles are melting, and the sea level is going up.


An average family  produces one ton of rubbish a year, so we have to recycle it. We should save energy at home and at school, recycle paper and batteries; to save electricity we should watch less TV and use low batteries light bulbs.


We should put four solar panels on our roofs for the heating and hot water. Also, we should walk and cycle to cut air pollution.


I think that we have to learn more on environmental issues like climate changes and global warming and we should study about things like renewable energy. Despite all the evidence, there are still people who don’t believe that climate warming is real and it is causing melting of the ice caps in the Artic and the Antartic. We can’t continue burning fossil fuels forever. We must leave them for younger generations.

The problem of water is great. People throw rubbish from their homes and factories into water. Unclean water kills 4.000 children a day. Over 40% of the world’s population will face shortage of water in the future.


If there isn’t enough rain, plants wouldn’t grow and animals will die of hunger and logically people will die too. All over the world people would be hungry and that would lead to a global war. But that’s not all. It would actually become harder for us to breathe. That’s because green plants produce oxygen. If the air is polluted then it would be less oxygen and it might be a great horror.

Some plants and animals die because of the chemicals that farmers spray on their plants and there wouldn’t be enough food and a lot of animals and people would also disappear.


But we hope that something is changing. Now people learn how to live a “greener life”. We will live in eco-houses with solar panels and water supply. We should measure how much energy and water we use and learn how to be careful with them. The air pollution in cities means that many residents suffer from serious allergies. All these are reasons why I’d like to work on a green energy projects in the future.

Darjan Đorđević VII1

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